Finding Hidden Storage Under Your Bathroom Sink

Clean out the clutter to find more space:

Believe it or not, you could have more space than you even realize. Go through your toiletries, cleaners, and grooming supplies and determine what is taking up space, what can be tossed, or can be housed in another part of your home. Once you have purged the old look to organizers that are sold at your local organization or housewares store. Vertical shelving that allows tiers of storage below your sink are ideal for a lot of bottles, toiletries, and cleaners. A simple DIY project if you have several hair brushes, curling irons and hair dryers, is to affix PVC pipe to the inside of your cabinetry doors. This will free up space for your hair accessories and allow you to free up counter space too. Often times the key to hidden storage isn’t adding more space, it’s using what you have more efficiently.

Add storage where you once had none:

If your bathroom is lacking the physical storage, such as pedestal sinks that don’t have cabinetry there are several options to consider. Built-in cabinetry that can be constructed easily by a carpenter or you, if you’re handy with wood-working could be a solution. Building a custom built-on will allow you to have drawers, open shelving, customized to your needs. Consider using the entire space between your sinks or just keep it short and multifunctional. The solution for your bathroom could be storage on casters or wheels. This provides multi-functional usage, but also is ideal for small bathrooms that need versatility. Open shelving is a great option if you like the aesthetic appeal of storing your bath linen, toiletries for display and decoration. All of these options will increase your storage area.

The Round One Chair by Hay: Giving Rooms Aesthetic Appeal

Do you love style but have limited space? Look to the Round One chair from Hay, a comfortable and space-saving piece of art. This furniture piece is perfect for tight spaces. It incorporates organic and geometric themes and allows light to pass through its form. The chair has been designed for people who value originality above everything else. Leif Jorgensen, the chair’s designer, has used geometric shapes and infinity signs to create a universal chair that is easily recognizable by everyone. In his desire to create something different, he has produced a chair with sculptural, monolithic, and hollow features.

Round One chair from Hay

The Round One chair is a far cry from traditional chairs which are usually solid and set on a base. Its focus is placed on outstanding quality and one-of-a-kind design. It is multifunctional and provides additional storage space helping you to keep things neat and organized. You can use its internal space to store items like books and magazines.